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Win32 : SOCKET type sign causes malfunctions all over the DLL on libssh 0.4.4

Hi all!

  I uncovered that there is a serious issue that affects the libssh
when compiling it on win environments, as of latest stable 0.4.4 release.

If you check the definition of socket_t type in libssh.h :

  /* Socket type */
  #ifdef _WIN32
  #define socket_t SOCKET
  typedef int socket_t;

It defines the socket_t type as SOCKET, which is unsigned in winsock. While the
sockets in Unices environments are commonly integer types.
This means that a lot of comparisons that assume it as signed (as in Unices)
do actually fail in windows platforms.

For instance check the bsd_poll function body : 

static int bsd_poll(ssh_pollfd_t *fds, nfds_t nfds, int timeout) {
  fd_set readfds, writefds, exceptfds;
  struct timeval tv, *ptv;
  socket_t max_fd;
  int rc;
  nfds_t i;

  if (fds == NULL) {
      errno = EFAULT;
      return -1;

  FD_ZERO (&readfds);
  FD_ZERO (&writefds);
  FD_ZERO (&exceptfds);

  /* compute fd_sets and find largest descriptor */
  for (max_fd = -1, i = 0; i < nfds; i++) {
      if (fds[i].fd < 0) {

      if (fds[i].events & (POLLIN | POLLRDNORM)) {
          FD_SET (fds[i].fd, &readfds);
      if (fds[i].events & (POLLOUT | POLLWRNORM | POLLWRBAND)) {
          FD_SET (fds[i].fd, &writefds);
      if (fds[i].events & (POLLPRI | POLLRDBAND)) {
          FD_SET (fds[i].fd, &exceptfds);
      if (fds[i].fd >= max_fd &&                                  HERE!!!!!!!!!
          (fds[i].events & (POLLIN | POLLOUT | POLLPRI |
                            POLLRDNORM | POLLRDBAND |
                            POLLWRNORM | POLLWRBAND))) 
          max_fd = fds[i].fd;

The comparison fds[i].fd >= max_fd assumes both of them to be signed ints,
and the invalid socket to be -1. In windows platforms that comparison fails
because the invalid socket value is 0xFFFFFFFF, so that comparison is never

I also read a message in the mailing list reporting a user complaining that
channel_poll is not working on windows platforms, while it works properly on unices.
I debugged the DLL and found out it is due to the unsignedness of socket_t.

I temporarily fixed those issue type-defiinig socket_t as the following:

  /* Socket type */
  #ifdef _WIN32
  #define socket_t long
  typedef int socket_t;

Of course this is (and must be) only a temporary fix, because SOCKET can get over
0x10000000, causing issues.

Hope this helps!



Andrea Moretto
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