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Re: Patch missed

Good morning,

Nowadays, I have changed the libssh 0.4.5 to include the functionality, so I have no problem to wait for libssh 0.5. Thank you for the information, I thought that there were a problem, I did not know the way of working that the project follows, now I will wait quiet for 0.5.
    You are doing a excellent work (in my opinion).


El 16/07/2010 21:23, Aris Adamantiadis escribió:
Hi Ruben,

Sorry for the delay.
In fact your patch were committed to master. Are these patches
important to your actual use of libssh ? We avoid as much as possible
to introduce new code into the v0-4 branch as we want to stabilize it
as much as possible. We can maybe do something if that functionality is
needed by many people (who can't wait 0.5).

Maybe Andreas is willing to comment ?



Ruben Garcia Azuara a écrit :

     This week I try updating libssh but I discovered that this patchs
are missed:


11:29 Conjunto de cambios en
libssh/[14eb593af3c41ea439f01d34aaae497d8420f316]/ por Andreas Schneider

     Fixed solaris compilation warning and ignore case at host parameter.
     - …
11:29 Conjunto de cambios en
libssh/[5a2abd34ce9ad97c69906c5fb7b07e26e96fceaa]/ por Andreas Schneider

     Added support for StrictHostKeyChecking? and UserKnownHostsFile?
     parameters. …

     I would like to know if a new patch is necessary or the recovery of
old patchs is possible.

     Thank you.


Patch missedRuben Garcia Azuara <rubenga@xxxxxx>
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