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libssh sftp download performance


I've been playing with libssh and liking it, except that I've
noticed that its download performance is poor.  I had been
using 0.4.6, but today I got the latest source from the git
repository.  I was surprised to see that the performance is
now repeatably half of the 0.4.6 performance, which wasn't
too good to start with.

I put together a chart comparing various sftp clients and put it here:


As you can see, the download performance of 0.4.6 is about half
that of other sftp implementations.

I've searched the mailing list archive and haven't come across
any mentions of performance lately.
Does anyone have any ideas as to how download performance could
be increased to make libssh competitive to other SSH implementations?


Mark R

Re: libssh sftp download performanceAndreas Schneider <asn@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Re: libssh sftp download performanceAndreas Schneider <asn@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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