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Re: libssh sftp download performance

On Friday, December 03, 2010 19:52:19 you wrote:
> Greetings.

Hi Mark,

> I've been playing with libssh and liking it, except that I've
> noticed that its download performance is poor.  I had been
> using 0.4.6, but today I got the latest source from the git
> repository.  I was surprised to see that the performance is
> now repeatably half of the 0.4.6 performance, which wasn't
> too good to start with.

did you use the master branch? The master branch is under heavy development. 
We changed a lot of stuff, but you're right we need to fix this problem.

> I put together a chart comparing various sftp clients and put it here:
> http://60bits.net/sni/libssh2-perf.htm
> As you can see, the download performance of 0.4.6 is about half
> that of other sftp implementations.

You know that sftp_read is a blocking implementation an there is a 


> I've searched the mailing list archive and haven't come across
> any mentions of performance lately.
> Does anyone have any ideas as to how download performance could
> be increased to make libssh competitive to other SSH implementations?

We made libssh in master async but not the channel functions yet.

> Thanks.
> Mark R


  -- andreas

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