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include libssh into a Qt project

I was using libssh into a Nokia Qt Project. Under Linux I have no problem. I
compile, it links and it works. Under Linux I donwloaded the file as
suggested on the website but I don't know how to use them.

My project.pro file is the following:

 unix {

  LIBS += -lssh


 win32 {

  LIBS += -Llib/libssh_static.a -lssh

  INCLUDEPATH += include


I copied the include files into the include directory and I copied the
libssh_static.a into lib directory (I copied also the other libs) but it
doesn't work. It tells me he cannot find -lssh .
I used QtCreator to compile under Linux and the same under Windows.

Can someone help me to correct the project.pro file for the win32 session?

Thank you,

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