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Re: include libssh into a Qt project

* Giovanni Venturi <giovanni.venturi@xxxxxxxxx> [101208 09:52]:
>  win32 {
>   LIBS += -Llib/libssh_static.a -lssh
>   INCLUDEPATH += include
> }

I don't know much about windows, but that does not look like it could
work. -L specifies a directory in which to look for files,
so unless you have a lib/libssh_static.a/libssh.a file, I think this
will not work.

So assuming you hava a file (and not a directory) lib/libssh_static.a,
you should either do a

>   LIBS += lib/libssh_static.a
(without -L and any -l)

or do a

>   LIBS +=  -Llib -lssh_static

	Bernhard R. Link

include libssh into a Qt projectGiovanni Venturi <giovanni.venturi@xxxxxxxxx>
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