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RE: Using SCP with files > 4 GB


OK, I'm working on the patch now.

I noticed that I am listed as a developer in red.libssh.org.
Does that mean I have write access to git.libssh.org?
(If so, I'm gonna have to learn git.)

I have tested the native scp on a couple of 32-bit Linux systems 
(one client, one server) and it does work for files > 4 GB.
So, I am confident that we can get the libssh client to work
against the native Linux scp server for huge files.

BTW, I attached a patch to the double-free bug:

and marked it as "Fixed".  I'm not sure I should have marked
it as fixed, because no one has actually applied the fix.  
Just calling that to your attention.


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Hi Mark,

This is a good idea. I just wonder if you have experience with server
softwares that handle/mishandle >4G files using scp ? This could become
source of problem for libssh users and it would be important then to
test if the remote server supports it.

I'm in favor of the ssh_scp_push_file64 which is not going to break the
ABI (upgrading a parameter from 32 to 64bits is imho not safe on ia32).

By the way, is Ipswitch using libssh in some of their products ? I'd be
interested to know.

Thanks for your feedback,


Le 5/04/11 17:50, Mark Riordan a écrit :
> I would like to enhance libssh to allow SCP transfer of files with sizes
> that won't fit into 32 bits.
> Here's what I propose to do:
> Change ssh_scp_request_get_size() to return a 64-bit type rather than
> size_t, which is 32 bits on some systems.
> Either change ssh_scp_push_file(ssh_scp scp, const char *filename,
> size_t size, int perms) so that the third parameter is a 64-bit type
> (compilers should promote existing calls with 32-bit size to 64-bit
> size) or, less preferably, introduce ssh_scp_push_file64 which takes a
> 64-bit size.
> Do you have any feedback on this?
> Thanks.
> Mark R

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