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Re: Is libssh thread safe

Hi Zhang,

Libssh is threadsafe but not in this use case. Channels and sessions
have to be different, or you have to implement locking to avoid
situations where two threads access the same channel.
We are looking for solutions, but there's nothing in short-term to come up.



Le 20/05/11 16:56, Zhang Qian a écrit :
> Hi,
> I am trying to use libssh in a mutli-thread program, so I'd like to know
> if libssh is thread safe. E.g., is it OK that two threads use the same
> channel of the same session to execute a command remotely and get the
> result back respectively?
> Thanks,
> Qian

Re: Is libssh thread safeZhang Qian <zhq527725@xxxxxxxxx>
Is libssh thread safeZhang Qian <zhq527725@xxxxxxxxx>
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