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Re: Is libssh thread safe

Thanks Aris.

So, that means, everytime I want to execute a remote command, if I create a
separate thread, and create a new session and a channel dedicated for this
thread, then executing remote command with this session/channel will be
safe, and each thread will work fine without impacting others, right?

Why I asked that use case is for performance concern, my program will rely
on libssh to do a lot of remote command execution on the same remote host,
and each command will be done in a separate thread. So in each thread,
creating a dedicated session/channel and do the login with username/password
looks not good from performance point view, so I am wondering if I can keep
a global session/channel, and just do login one time before I create any
threads to execute any command remotely.

Any suggestions on my use case? Thanks!

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