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Newbie problem sending command to remote server


Using win32 version to send a simple one line command to Cisco ACS (Access Control Server). I've used the code examples from the tutorial to successfully create a session and authenticate via a password. Using an incorrect password fails to authenticate so figure Im on the right track.

The command I want to execute will take several minutes and my code needs to block until this is complete.. the script that calls my .exe will require this to be the case.

So Im using the ssh_channel_request_exec() function exactly as per the tutorial. As noted by others it returns immediately but then the ssh_channel_read() doesnt return anything.

If I run the same command using putty it looks something like:

>backup-logs backupname repository xyz
Acs is generating a backup.... blah

Eventually the command prompt comes back when the command finishes.

So my question is, how do I see whats actually going on (I suspect nothing) and how to block for the running command to complete.

Any help gratefully received.

Also, whats the difference between ssh.dll and libssh.dll ?

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