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Re: C++ Bindings Tweak

On Monday 05 December 2011 15:44:24 you wrote:
> Hi,


sorry for the late reply. We will take a look during christmas!

> I really like the C++ bindings for LibSSH but it's a little unfortunate
> that the acceptForward function is defined externally to the class
> definition, this causes linking errors when the LibSSH C++ header file
> is included in multiple C++ source files.
> I've tweaked the C++ bindings slightly so this problem is eliminated.
> The only significant changes to the API are the constructors for the
> Channel and SshException classes. I would argue that these changes are
> inconsequential because the Channel objects are generated via the
> Session class, so there's little impact on end users. In addition, the
> SshException constructor is populated via a preprocessor def which
> again, has little impact on end users.
> Of course, it's probable that I'm not anticipated all angles with these
> changes so I'd appreciate feedback, the modified C++ header file is
> attached.
> Best Regards
>   - Gearoid
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