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Re: Requesting agent forwarding

On Friday 20 April 2012 11:18:48 you wrote:
> Andreas,


> Hm, I don't think this is necessary. Windows should be able to forward
> agent just as well, shouldn't it? I thought that it just required a
> request over the channel, which caused a ssh-agent daemon to start on
> the remote end. Unix sockets vs windows sockets shouldn't change,
> should it?

If you connect with your client to the server with ssh-agent forwarding, then 
there is no ssh-agent running on the server. This would be insecure!

You talk to the ssh-agent on the client over a unix socket. If you turn on 
agent forwarding the ssh client creates a channel and all channel request go 
to the ssh-agent unix socket on the client.

On the server side the ssh server creates a unix socket and connects it with 
the ssh channel. A agent request on the server is now going to the ssh-agent 
running on the client you connected from. There is no ssh-agent process 
running on the server.

> I currently use a pure-Ruby SSH library that allows for forwarding on
> Windows, and this will be a requirement for the switch to libssh, so
> it is important that this actually works on Windows.

ssh-agent is a openssh specific implementation using unix sockets and a non-
standardized protocol. If you just want to create a channel request for agent 
forwarding that's fine, but ssh-agent stuff is unix specific. On windows I 
only know about pagent from putty. I dunno how it looks like with cygwin but 
probably it simulates unix sockets over windows ipc.

> It looks like the function I'd need to call is a file-local (static)
> function, so I can't actually call it external. The function I would
> need specifically is `channel_request`.
> What functions were you thinking?

Looks like it requires much more work.


And it looks like it is an extension like sftp. So you need to implement it 
the way as we did with sftp.

	-- andreas

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