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Packet len too high during authentication

I am using the user authentication code from http://api.libssh.org/stable/libssh_tutor_guided_tour.html on Solaris 11 x86. And I came across following problem during password authentication:
[2013/11/13 14:35:57.099342, 1] ssh_connect:  libssh 0.6.0 (c) 2003-2010 Aris Adamantiadis (aris@xxxxxxxxxxxx) Distributed under the LGPL, please refer to COPYING file for information about your rights, using threading threads_noop[2013/11/13 14:35:57.116739, 2] ssh_socket_connect:  Nonblocking connection socket: 7[2013/11/13 14:35:57.116802, 2] ssh_connect:  Socket connecting, now waiting for the callbacks to work[2013/11/13 14:35:57.117023, 1] socket_callback_connected:  Socket connection callback: 1 (0)[2013/11/13 14:35:57.118896, 1] ssh_client_connection_callback:  SSH server banner: SSH-2.0-Sun_SSH_1.5[2013/11/13 14:35:57.118948, 1] ssh_analyze_banner:  Analyzing banner: SSH-2.0-Sun_SSH_1.5[2013/11/13 14:35:57.159941, 2] ssh_packet_dh_reply:  Received SSH_KEXDH_REPLY[2013/11/13 14:35:57.160361, 2] ssh_client_dh_reply:  SSH_MSG_NEWKEYS sent[2013/11/13 14:35:57.160392, 2] ssh_packet_newkeys:  Received SSH_MSG_NEWKEYS[2013/11/13 14:35:57.160785, 2] ssh_packet_newkeys:  Signature verified and validunknown server.[2013/11/13 14:35:57.246178, 1] ssh_packet_socket_callback:  read_packet(): Packet len too high(62115112 3b3cd28)[2013/11/13 14:35:57.246233, 1] ssh_userauth_request_service:  Failed to request "ssh-userauth" serviceError authenticating with password: read_packet(): Packet len too high(62115112 3b3cd28)
It's using socket 7, and I tried to use other socket number with ssh_options_set(session, SSH_OPTIONS_FD, NULL); but it says connection time out.
Any idea packet length is too high while we are doing authentication?
I can connect to the ssh server on other machines.
Thanks very much! 		 	   		  

Re: Packet len too high during authenticationAris Adamantiadis <aris@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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