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Re: [PATCH] client: use ssh_channel_do_free in ssh_disconnect

On Monday 09 December 2013 13:03:52 Jon Simons wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Jon,
> Attached is a patch that ensures to fully free channels as they
> are removed from the ssh_session channels list via ssh_disconnect.
> Without this change, channels that are not gracefully closed can
> be lost in the sequence: ssh_disconnect(S), ssh_free(S), because
> ssh_disconnect removes the channels from the session's list.

Thanks for your contribution, I've pushed it to the repository.

	-- andreas

Andreas Schneider                   GPG-ID: CC014E3D
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[PATCH] client: use ssh_channel_do_free in ssh_disconnectJon Simons <jon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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