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SSH via java secure shell


We are using libSSH0.6.3 in our product and when we do the following test
we see that the SSH shell hangs and we are not able to enter any commands
in it.

We ran the samplesshd-cb.c file that is present in the example, we try to
establish the SSH from a Java secure Shell client , we could see that the
client asks for the username and password and we could see on the server
terminal that the session is established , but the established SSH session
does not accept any commands , it just freezes .

1) executed the samplesshd-cb binary that was built for linux
./samplesshd-kbdint   <target-IP> --dsakey= dsa.key

2)Established a SSH session via "JSch - Java Secure Channel - JCraft:"
version 0.1.51
->it prompts for user Id and password

3) Once the login credentials are given we could see the following logs
Authenticating user myuser pwd mypassword
Allocated session channel
Authenticated and got a channel
Allocated terminal
Allocated shell

But after this we are not able to enter any character in the SSH session,
We are seeing this issue only when run with such java clients, with noraml
openSSH clients we are able to establish the sessions properly.

But with the same java client we are able to establish a SSH session using
other SSH protocol stacks other than libssh.

4) Behavior that was seen on the java client

c:\jsch-0.1\jsch-0.1.51\examples\java -cp jsch-0.1.51.jar; .Shell

when we invoke the shell as mentioned above the shell just hangs and we are
not able to do either SSH read or write.
The session freezes after this.

Kindly let us know does libssh supports establishing SSH sessions via java
shell , If yes can you let me know why we are not able to do a proper read
and write even when running a sample program.



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