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libssh for Windows questions

I ran into the debug version problem below when I tried to use libssh for Windows that I downloaded from libssh.org.   I searched around the web and found a version somebody built that does not have the debug problem but when I use SCP any transfer is stopping right at 5000 hex bytes.  Where can I find a version of the Windows libssh that is known to build/work for Windows?

The Windows libraries are built against the DEBUG version of Microsoft's libraries making it impossible to distribute. Will a future version be made available that instead links to the RUNTIME Microsoft libraries.

A second question I have is about timeouts.  In the latest Windows version is there the ability to set a timeout so if you try to create a session, and say the ethernet cable between your PC and test device isn't connected, libssh will return an error on connect.

Thanks for any help.

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