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Re: libssh for Windows questions

Hi Lance,

Unfortunately Andreas who's maintaining the Windows port is away and
cannot reply your question. I never heard any problems to scp transfers
like the one you mention, it would be good to track it more deeply. Can
you reproduce it on Linux? If so we could start tracking it.
If you want to build it yourself, all versions of libssh build on
windows. I suggest you pick the latest one. You will need cmake, zlib
and openssl. Some hints here:

Yes, it is possible to set up timeouts.
# SSH_OPTIONS_TIMEOUT: Set a timeout for the connection in seconds (long).
# SSH_OPTIONS_TIMEOUT_USEC: Set a timeout for the connection in micro
seconds (long).

Kind regards,

Le 7/06/14 02:20, Lance Morrison a écrit :
> I ran into the debug version problem below when I tried to use libssh
> for Windows that I downloaded from libssh.org. I searched around the
> web and found a version somebody built that does not have the debug
> problem but when I use SCP any transfer is stopping right at 5000 hex
> bytes. Where can I find a version of the Windows libssh that is known
> to build/work for Windows?
> The Windows libraries are built against the DEBUG version of
> Microsoft’s libraries making it impossible to distribute. Will a
> future version be made available that instead links to the RUNTIME
> Microsoft libraries.
> A second question I have is about timeouts. In the latest Windows
> version is there the ability to set a timeout so if you try to create
> a session, and say the ethernet cable between your PC and test device
> isn’t connected, libssh will return an error on connect.
> Thanks for any help.
> Lance

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