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Registering a logging callback

Hi All,

​I am trying to register a logging callback so I can handle logging
but I can't seem to get
 to work.
​ ​

I have the following code in my app:

static void ssh_log_function(int priority, const char *function, const char
*buffer, void *userdata)
    cout << priority << " " << function << endl << buffer << endl;
    cout << "And now for something completely different" << endl;

Then later in my app, before I execute some libssh commands, I have this:


When I compile and execute, I get the usual logging output to stderr and no
sign of the function I created
​being executed

Have I missed something or am I doing it completely wrong? I have tried
passing &ssh_log_function as well but it didn't make any difference.
​ ​

Would appreciate any help
​ - t​

Jonathon Francis

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