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Trying libssh

I am trying to see if libssh can work for a couple of things I need to do on a
remote linux installation.  Mainly I just want to execute a command on the
remote box, but eventually it would be good to be able to transfer files on and
off of the machine.

I am running on a 64 bit version of windows, I installed the 32 bit version of
the dll on windows in the WOW64 directory.

I tried some of the tutorials and am able to get my program to connect.  When I
try the remote process tutorial or the remote command tutorial I get a message 

ssh_packet_unimplemented Received SSH_MSG_UNIMPLEMENTED (sequence number 3)

Is there a place to look to determine how to overcome this issue, is the problem
with the ssh on the remote device, or is it a problem with the local machine.

If I can get this to work I would like to attempt to move it to a windows x64
platform, Is there any reason this will not work?


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