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ssh_userauth_publickey() vs. ssh_userauth_pubkey()


Reading libssh's source code to understand how to implement my own
ssh_is_server_known() for various reasons, I found the following
information that I don't understand :

function: ssh_userauth_publickey

@return SSH_AUTH_SUCCESS: The public key is accepted, you want now to use

It's the "you want now to use ssh_userauth_pubkey()" part that I don't get.

When I read the source code of ssh_userauth_pubkey(), I find that:
1) it's in a legacy.c file (my guess is that I shouldn't use it in a new
2) it looks like an old API, it's a wrapper that:
- takes a ssh_private_key and makes a ssh_key
- calls ssh_userauth_publickey() and gives it in parameters the said ssh_key

So on success, ssh_userauth_publickey() asks me to call
ssh_userauth_pubkey() that calls ssh_userauth_publickey().

Is it really what I'm supposed to do? Or is there a need to update the
documentation? Or did I miss something?

Thanks in advance for you help :)

Re: ssh_userauth_publickey() vs. ssh_userauth_pubkey()Andreas Schneider <asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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