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Re: libssh heap crashes when integrating with cpp in debug mode

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016 08:16:50 AM Sruthi Mohan wrote:
> Dear All,
> I tried integrating libssh to my "Qt-C++" application MINGW compiler I get
> heap errors in API like ssh_userauth_none , ssh_pki_import_pubkey_file and
> ultimately crashes in Debug Mode.
> It works perfectly in release mode and in debug mode as a "C"  application.
> The errors persist on using the wrapper libsshpp.
> I have used a statically linked library and included the headers using
> externs "C"
> extern "C"{
> #include<libssh/libssh.h>
> #include<libssh/sftp.h>
> }
> Kindly let me know what is the correct way of integrating into C++.
> Best regards

Could you please provide a backtrace?


	-- andreas

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