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Re: Quick question about some patches

On Monday, May 02, 2016 10:00:02 AM Kenneth Reister wrote:
> I had included the sign off in my email, but I see you've added it to the
> .patch file.  Is that the correct way to do it in future?
> I don't see anything wrong with your changes/refactor.  Looks like you
> refactored the entire function for tabs and applied my change as well.
> I know you might not know when you plan to release the "master" branch (as
> 0.8?), but we cannot update the version we are using until that happens as
> our customers require those changes.  Even your "best guess" would be good
> here.

I don't know for 0.8 but I've cherry-picked the banner patches to 0.7 and I 
hope to do a release in the next two weeks.

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