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Re: Quick question about some patches

I had included the sign off in my email, but I see you've added it to the
.patch file.  Is that the correct way to do it in future?

I don't see anything wrong with your changes/refactor.  Looks like you
refactored the entire function for tabs and applied my change as well.

I know you might not know when you plan to release the "master" branch (as
0.8?), but we cannot update the version we are using until that happens as
our customers require those changes.  Even your "best guess" would be good

Ken Reister

On Mon, May 2, 2016 at 2:10 AM, Andreas Schneider <asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> On Friday, April 08, 2016 11:12:36 AM Kenneth Reister wrote:
> > I and a colleague submitted some patches.  I was able to find his in the
> > commit logs.  One in the 0.7.3 branch and the other 2 in master.  I could
> > not find mine at all (see
> > http://www.libssh.org/archive/libssh/2015-11/0000000.html)
> >
> > What can I do to make sure that my patch gets committed?
> > Do you have an estimate of when a release of the master branch will be
> > forthcoming?
> Hello!
> I've had it on my todo list but time didn't permit to work on libssh.
> Sorry!
> Your Signed-off: is missing. I've added it to the patch and then
> reformatted
> the function. Please check if the attached patch is fine with you!
> Best regards,
>         -- andreas

Re: Quick question about some patchesAndreas Schneider <asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Re: Quick question about some patchesAndreas Schneider <asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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