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Re: Build libssh against gcrypt

Andreas Schneider <asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Wednesday, 2 November 2016 15:51:24 CET Justus Winter wrote:
>> Hello,
>> a few months ago, I sent a patch series to enable the use of elliptic
>> curves when libssh is built against gcrypt.  As far as I remember I
>> addressed all the issues with it, but the review was put off because of
>> the bad lock thing.  My employer was paid for that work and the customer
>> explicitly requested that the work should be submitted upstream so that
>> they don't have to patch their libssh packages.  Besides,  I hate to see
>> my work bitrot.
> Hey,
> I would prefer much more smaller patches, but well lets get it in.


> I have some 
> patches to squash into yours:
> https://git.libssh.org/users/asn/libssh.git/log/?h=master-gcrypt
> Are you fine if I squash them. They improve readability, debugability and also 
> makes further reviews easier.


> There are more things, but I can life with them for now. For the future:
> 	int len;
> 	len = foo();
> 	if (len == 1)
> is easier to debug (gdb$ print len) and to understand then
> 	if (foo() == 1)

Wow, that's very verbose given that one can also step into the function,
let it finish and get the result that way in gdb.  But it is a matter of
taste of course.


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