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Re: Build libssh against gcrypt

On Thursday, 3 November 2016 11:21:03 CET Justus Winter wrote:
> > There are more things, but I can life with them for now. For the future:
> > 	int len;
> > 	
> > 	len = foo();
> > 	if (len == 1)
> > 
> > is easier to debug (gdb$ print len) and to understand then
> > 
> > 	if (foo() == 1)
> Wow, that's very verbose given that one can also step into the function,
> let it finish and get the result that way in gdb.  But it is a matter of
> taste of course.

And makes debugging often a lot easier. At least if you spend a lot of time in 
the debugger and I do :)

Could you please check the memory leaks and fix them:




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Build libssh against gcryptJustus Winter <justus@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Re: Build libssh against gcryptJustus Winter <justus@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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