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Help with OpenSSH Keep Alive


I am writing a client app which connects to an OpenSSH server, and opens a forwarding tunnel, then waits for another application to send requests, forwards those to the tunnel, and returns responses.  Apparently, the server is sending global keep alive messages, and the my client is not responding to them.

[2018/04/24 16:06:34.843907, 2] ssh_packet_global_request:  Received SSH_MSG_GLOBAL_REQUEST packet
[2018/04/24 16:06:34.843907, 2] ssh_packet_global_request:  UNKNOWN SSH_MSG_GLOBAL_REQUEST keepalive@xxxxxxxxxxx 1
[2018/04/24 16:06:34.844907, 1] ssh_packet_process:  Couldn't do anything with packet type 80

Is there any sample/example code for both registering a callback to handle these keepalives, and also using the polling context mechanism?

Rob Duff
Sr. Staff Engineer
Nokia - USA

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