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Re: Help with OpenSSH Keep Alive

On Tuesday, 24 April 2018 23:25:06 CEST Duff, Rob (Nokia - US/Plano) wrote:
> Hello,
> I am writing a client app which connects to an OpenSSH server, and opens a
> forwarding tunnel, then waits for another application to send requests,
> forwards those to the tunnel, and returns responses.  Apparently, the
> server is sending global keep alive messages, and the my client is not
> responding to them.
> [2018/04/24 16:06:34.843907, 2] ssh_packet_global_request:  Received
> SSH_MSG_GLOBAL_REQUEST packet [2018/04/24 16:06:34.843907, 2]
> ssh_packet_global_request:  UNKNOWN SSH_MSG_GLOBAL_REQUEST
> keepalive@xxxxxxxxxxx 1 [2018/04/24 16:06:34.844907, 1] ssh_packet_process:
>  Couldn't do anything with packet type 80
> Is there any sample/example code for both registering a callback to handle
> these keepalives, and also using the polling context mechanism?

We just had this question a few days ago (April 9th).


I'm still hoping someone will improve the docs :-) (hint)


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RE: Help with OpenSSH Keep Alive"Duff, Rob (Nokia - US/Plano)" <rob.duff@xxxxxxxxx>
Help with OpenSSH Keep Alive"Duff, Rob (Nokia - US/Plano)" <rob.duff@xxxxxxxxx>
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