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Re: Libssh Python bindings

On Thursday, 28 June 2018 13:07:03 CEST Pan K wrote:
> Hello list,
> First off, thank you for the awesome library.

Hi Panos,

thanks for the python bindings. I think there are several out there but none 
is really maintained. I hope this will not be the case for yours.

I will look into the issues if I find some time. But currently I'm busy with 
getting the patchsets in which are lurking around.


> I wanted to let you know about new Python bindings that have written for
> libssh. Code is athttps://github.com/ParallelSSH/ssh-python 
> It is beta status and currently lacks SCP and server implementations.
> Everything else is implemented though there may be bugs. 
> Only distributed as source code for now. Wheels - python binary packages
> that work across distributions - to follow. 
> To install:
> pip install ssh-python
> Quick example:
>    from __future__ import print_function
>    import os
>    import pwd
>    from ssh.session import Session
>    from ssh import options
>    USERNAME = pwd.getpwuid(os.geteuid()).pw_name
>    HOST = 'localhost'
>    s = Session()
>    s.options_set(options.HOST, HOST)
>    s.connect()
>    # Authenticate with agent
>    s.userauth_agent(USERNAME)
>    chan = s.channel_new()
>    chan.open_session()
>    chan.request_exec('echo me')
>    size, data = chan.read()
>    while size > 0:
>        print(data.strip())
>        size, data = chan.read()
>    chan.close()
> The project contains libssh source code as-is and builds an embedded libssh
> to use when it is installed. The embedded version is the latest master
> branch and only that version is supported. 
> This is so it can keep track with latest features that are not yet released
> and also because supporting multiple versions with different functionality
> and header modifications is too time consuming for a single developer. 
> These bindings may not be fully usable yet for my own use case which is
> concurrent, non-blocking, use of SSH via an event loop system library in
> parallel-ssh but useful none the less. The capabilities, stability and
> speed of libssh are sorely needed in the python library ecosystem. 
> Have noticed that not all parts of libssh are fully usable in non-blocking
> mode, particularly connect and scp. Expect some patches where issues are
> found in future. 
> Relatedly, there is a patch for ssh_connect timing out in non-blocking mode
> that was reported a while back on this list, an issue I have also run into.
> Be happy to rebase and test it if it can be considered for merging. 
> Hope these bindings are useful to you as well.
> Regards,
> Panos

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