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SCP support on Windows

Dear libssh dev,

I would like to know if scp subsystem is supported under Windows ?
I have some doubt because 1) scp example are disabled for Windows build in
CMakeLists.txt and
2) my attempts fail with corrupted file.

More precisely, the same code works fine on Linux, but when executing it on
Windows, I get file a little bit bigger than expected (I'm trying to
transfer JPG image).
For example, transferring a 20 902 bytes file results in a 21 005 bytes
I see some similarity between the 2, the new one have sometimes one added
Moreover, libssh report the right transferred size (20 902 bytes). So it
might be an issue when writing file to disk.

Do you have any clues to make it works or it's not worth it ?

Thanks in advance.


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