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Re: SCP support on Windows

For the record :

in the example, file are opened as texte file with the "w" flag, to write
binary file, we need to open the file with "wb" flag (b like binary I



Le ven. 13 juil. 2018 à 17:25, Antoine Villeret <antoine.villeret@xxxxxxxxx>
a écrit :

> Dear libssh dev,
> I would like to know if scp subsystem is supported under Windows ?
> I have some doubt because 1) scp example are disabled for Windows build in
> CMakeLists.txt and
> 2) my attempts fail with corrupted file.
> More precisely, the same code works fine on Linux, but when executing it
> on Windows, I get file a little bit bigger than expected (I'm trying to
> transfer JPG image).
> For example, transferring a 20 902 bytes file results in a 21 005 bytes
> file.
> I see some similarity between the 2, the new one have sometimes one added
> byte.
> Moreover, libssh report the right transferred size (20 902 bytes). So it
> might be an issue when writing file to disk.
> Do you have any clues to make it works or it's not worth it ?
> Thanks in advance.
> Antoine

SCP support on WindowsAntoine Villeret <antoine.villeret@xxxxxxxxx>
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