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Re: ssh-client example broken

On Friday, 17 August 2018 16:25:11 CEST Tilo Eckert wrote:
> > I dunno what is wrong on your side ...
> I do.
> I modified timeout handling in ssh_handle_packets_termination() in my
> local copy two years ago because I ran into code paths where, even
> though a timeout was configured, ssh_handle_packets_termination() would
> block with an infinite timeout, resulting in stalled connections. My
> code change fixed that issue, but obviously created another one. I guess
> I did not submit my solution as a patch because I knew it wasn't proper
> code. Time for re-evaluation... :P

I'm looking forward to a fix :-)


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Re: ssh-client example brokenTilo Eckert <tilo.eckert@xxxxxxx>
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