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RE: Bug/Problem ${HOME} variable not honored on WIndows

duane>  Effectively - this is described as:  C:\users\<USERNAME> - aka: The 
duane > windows Home Directory

Andreas> Which seems to be correct as profiles are normally synced when logging in an out.

Hmm - In my specific case - and numerous coworkers, my experience at large and small companies is this:
Only a very few files are synced between the network and my local machine.

For me - my "~/.ssh" directory is *NOT* synchronized, if it was - I would not be here talking about it.
And turning on SYNC often greatly destroys unix-like "chmod" settings on windows machines.

Andreas> But this only happens in MinGW?

Bottom line - in my case:

	Using "Git Bash" - aka:  https://git-scm.com/
	Both Win 7 and Win 10

I'm not totally sure the difference between "git bash" which I get from here: "https://git-scm.com"; 
What I know as "MingGW"  = it seems to be very much so identical to "git-bash" but there are little "got-yas" Grrr...

That said, if I set the variable "${HOME}" I expect it to be used. If not that, then at least something like  "${SSH_CONFIG_DIR}" would be an alternate

Others with similar problems:


See the *LAST* entry - the poster refers to "Z:\" as his network domain policy
That's my example


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Re: Bug/Problem ${HOME} variable not honored on WIndowsAndreas Schneider <asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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