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Re: Bug/Problem ${HOME} variable not honored on WIndows

On Tuesday, January 15, 2019 9:21:29 AM CET Duane Ellis wrote:
> duane>  Effectively - this is described as:  C:\users\<USERNAME> - aka: The
> duane > windows Home Directory
> Andreas> Which seems to be correct as profiles are normally synced when
> logging in an out.
> Hmm - In my specific case - and numerous coworkers, my experience at large
> and small companies is this: Only a very few files are synced between the
> network and my local machine.
> For me - my "~/.ssh" directory is *NOT* synchronized, if it was - I would
> not be here talking about it. And turning on SYNC often greatly destroys
> unix-like "chmod" settings on windows machines.
> Andreas> But this only happens in MinGW?
> Bottom line - in my case:
> 	Using "Git Bash" - aka:  https://git-scm.com/
> 	Both Win 7 and Win 10
> I'm not totally sure the difference between "git bash" which I get from
> here: "https://git-scm.com"; What I know as "MingGW"  = it seems to be very
> much so identical to "git-bash" but there are little "got-yas" Grrr...
> That said, if I set the variable "${HOME}" I expect it to be used. If not
> that, then at least something like  "${SSH_CONFIG_DIR}" would be an
> alternate
> Others with similar problems:
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2840871/ssh-is-looking-in-the-wrong-plac
> e-for-the-public-private-key-pair-on-windows
> See the *LAST* entry - the poster refers to "Z:\" as his network domain
> policy That's my example

Ok, so git-bash is setting the profile path correctly. However why does the 
Windows function not return that path if it is set in the network and what is 
the correct way to do it.

Currently this sounds like a Windows bug we need to work around here ...

My guess would be that %HOMEDRIVE% and %HOMEPATH% are set and used.


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Re: Bug/Problem ${HOME} variable not honored on WIndowsAndreas Schneider <asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Bug/Problem ${HOME} variable not honored on WIndowsDuane Ellis <duane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Re: Bug/Problem ${HOME} variable not honored on WIndowsAndreas Schneider <asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
RE: Bug/Problem ${HOME} variable not honored on WIndowsDuane Ellis <duane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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