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Re: Issues with Connector on net sockets

On 24.01.19 15:56, g4-lisz@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> First of all: Is this supposed to work with more than one channel in a
> single event loop?
Short answer: NO.

Longer answer: I don't know if it was supposed to work, but it doesn't.

At least it does not work when connectors are removed who share the same
session. The problem lies in how the session is removed from the polling

ssh_event_remove_connector() --> ssh_connector_remove_event():

    if (connector->in_channel != NULL) {
        session = ssh_channel_get_session(connector->in_channel);

        ssh_event_remove_session(connector->event, session);
        connector->in_channel = NULL;

    if (connector->out_channel != NULL) {
        session = ssh_channel_get_session(connector->out_channel);

        ssh_event_remove_session(connector->event, session);
        connector->out_channel = NULL;
    connector->event = NULL;

So there is the call ssh_event_remove_session(), which removes the
session object also used for other connectors. Hence polling for the
session stops.

One "solution" could be to simply not remove connectors as long as the
main loop is running. But his results in another issue: The socket
filehandles of a closed net sockets remain in the poll() call, which is
not a good idea.

Honestly I don't know how to solve this issue. A possible solution could
be in counting how many times a session has been added. And then polling
object is only removed when counter is on zero.


ssh_event_remove_session(connector->event, session);

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