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Re: Issues with Connector on net sockets

On 27.01.19 19:10, g4-lisz@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On 24.01.19 15:56, g4-lisz@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> First of all: Is this supposed to work with more than one channel in
>> a single event loop?
> Short answer: NO.
> Longer answer: I don't know if it was supposed to work, but it doesn't.
> At least it does not work when connectors are removed who share the
> same session. The problem lies in how the session is removed from the
> polling context:
> ssh_event_remove_connector() --> ssh_connector_remove_event():
>     if (connector->in_channel != NULL) {
>         session = ssh_channel_get_session(connector->in_channel);
>         ssh_event_remove_session(connector->event, session);
>         connector->in_channel = NULL;
>     }
>     if (connector->out_channel != NULL) {
>         session = ssh_channel_get_session(connector->out_channel);
>         ssh_event_remove_session(connector->event, session);
>         connector->out_channel = NULL;
>     }
>     connector->event = NULL;
> So there is the call ssh_event_remove_session(), which removes the
> session object also used for other connectors. Hence polling for the
> session stops.
> One "solution" could be to simply not remove connectors as long as the
> main loop is running. But his results in another issue: The socket
> filehandles of a closed net sockets remain in the poll() call, which
> is not a good idea.
It seems that I'm the only one using connectors. In the few samples I
found it's only used to read/write from/to console. So the stdin and
-out file handles don't need explicit close / EOF, hence the issue from
above is not relevant.

Now I also found what I think is a bug in the connector API. Anyone
interested in this?

Ok I guess I open a new "thread" on this - I also have a simple patch
for it.


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Issues with Connector on net socketsg4-lisz@xxxxxxxxxxxx
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