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Re: Version 0.10 deprecated functions

On Thursday, 8 September 2022 11:17:55 CEST Michal Vasko wrote:
> Hello,

Hi Michal,

> I have started to get deprecation warnings for functions such as
> ssh_message_auth_pubkey and nc_sshcb_auth_password in our project when
> updating to libssh 0.10. The reason we are using them and not the whole
> callback API is simply because of support for the /keyboard-interactive/
> authentication method, which is missing in the callback API. So, we have
> implemented it just like in the /samplesshd-kbdint/ example.
> Now, how are we supposed to switch to the callback API if this
> authentication method is still not supported there, are there plans to
> add it? Thanks.

Can you please open a bug report? We really need to implement that as soon as 
possible. We will not remove functions till version 1.0 and for that the API 
needs to have all the missing parts.

Patches are always welcome :-)

Best regards,


Andreas Schneider                 asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Re: Version 0.10 deprecated functionsMichal Vasko <mvasko@xxxxxxxxx>
Version 0.10 deprecated functionsMichal Vasko <mvasko@xxxxxxxxx>
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