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Re: Patch: Add X11 forwarding support for ssh client


Could you please remove your messages.c part?  I am about to resubmit my
server enhancements patch, and it has the messages.c part for x11.  More
importantly, it actually implements it properly.  Your implementation
does not populate the originator or originator port, which are sent in
the X11 forward request, and should be set in the channel_request_open
structure so that the programmer handling the SSH_CHANNEL_X11 can make a
decision based on who the originator was.

If you just submit without the 'server side' support then my patch will
implement the X11 server side stuff just fine without conflict :)


Vic Lee wrote:
> Hi,
> I finally completed the X11 forwarding feature. Here is the patch
> attached. Just to save your time review it, I will explain a little bit:
> 1. some codes were added to messages.c in order to recognize "x11"
> channel open request from the server
> 2. Two new API were added:
> channel_request_x11: send the "x11-req" channel request to the server
> channel_accept_x11: wait for an incoming x11 channel from the server, or
> until a certain timeout.
> 3. In order to use functions from messages.c, I have to include server.h
> in channels.c
> That's it, quite simple.
> Thanks,
> Vic

Patch: Add X11 forwarding support for ssh clientVic Lee <llyzs@xxxxxxx>
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