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Re: libssh sftp download performance

On Monday, December 06, 2010 18:58:12 you wrote:
> Andreas said:
> > You know that sftp_read is a blocking implementation
> > and there is a sftp_async_read?
> Wow, that made a big difference!
> Now libssh is the fastest at downloading (by a very narrow margin),
> instead of the slowest.

Thanks for the results!

> The latest master from git is slightly faster than 0.4.6 at
> downloading in async mode, though much slower in sync mode:

That's good to know, we plan to work on this stuff again soon. I plan to setup 
our new testing infrastructure in the next weeks.

> http://60bits.net/sni/libssh2-perf.htm
> I have a feeling I might be approaching the filesystem throughput
> limits on this machine; I may run a separate benchmark for this.
> But that doesn't really matter, because I am now getting the
> performance I wanted.

Great, please let us know if you find issues. We try to improve our testing 
infrastructure so that we can detect regressions in future.


	-- andreas

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