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Re: Libssh issue when connecting Netopeer2 to ONOS controller

On Tuesday, 7 August 2018 13:26:20 CEST Yuliya Verbishchuk wrote:
> Dear Libssh team,
> I would be very grateful if you can please help me with a problem I am
> running into.
> I  am having troubles with connecting device via Netopeer2-server to ONOS
> controller.
> I have Sysrepod, Sysrepo-plugind and Netopeer2-server running all correctly,
> when I use Netopeer2-cli I can configure the device no problem. I am
> attempting the same but using ONOS controller instead of Netopeer2-cli.
> When try to connect to ONOS, Netopeer2-server just hangs and keeps trying
> to reestablish the connection and then just fails.From the logs I see that
> netopeer2-server always fails on ssh_handle_key_exchange() function, so I
> was hoping you can help us to find what is causing this problem.
> Please find logs for netopeer2-server and onos attached.

This should be fixed with libssh 0.8.0 which will be released probably this 


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Libssh issue when connecting Netopeer2 to ONOS controllerYuliya Verbishchuk <yuliya.verbishchuk@xxxxxxxxxx>
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